Websites starting at $850.00 CAD


Includes hosting, website design, maintenance, updates and much more!

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Relax. We got it all covered!

  • Hosting & Email

    Professional emails ( and website.

  • Search Engine Ready

    Google, Bing and Yahoo will love your website!

  • Backup & Security

    Daily backups and website security included.  No need to worry!

All-inclusive website development for the most affordable price. What?!

  • Maintained & Updated

    Clinic Roots handles all the software updates and maintenance.

  • Monthly Content Budget

    Monthly budget included for page updates & email updates.

  • High Performance

    Webpage speed is important for everything.  We're on it!

What Do We Offer?

Clinic Roots has scoured the web looking at hundreds of websites and can promise we offer the most comprehensive and affordable website development package.

Start-up Site

All that most healthcare providers need.  A custom website design delivered with the latest technology.


Starting price.

Advanced Websites

We can create complex websites including membership sites, eCommerce, directories and much more.

Quote Only

Odd Job

Have a job that needs to be done?  Just ask!  We can help with just about any task associated with improving your website or email.

Quote Only

*Sales tax is not included in the above prices.

Questions & Answers

There is surprisingly a lot to think about before you setup a website.  

  • Why should I choose Clinic Roots?

    Everything you need is right here, seriously!  And the best part is that we offer it all for the lowest price out there.  If you need a website for your service, look no further.  If you have any doubts, please just contact us and we'd be happy to answer all your questions.

  • How long does it take?

    This depends on how much extra designing we have to do and how much content you want on the website.  Two website drafts are created before we publish the site, for your review.  If everything goes quickly, your site can be up and running in 2-3 weeks.

  • Who writes the website content?

    We want you to write all of the website content because you're the expert in what you do and have the best understanding of all of the services that you provide.  Does this sound overwhelming?  You don't have to do it all at once!  Every month we give you a "budget" of content that you can add to your website.  We can publish some simple / generic content to fill in the gaps in the meantime.