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Our email plans are designed with small businesses and healthcare providers in mind.  Get what you need and stop paying for the rest of it.

Website & Email Plan

  • A professional email for all staff
  • Unlimited emails with
  • Start with 15 GB storage - increase as needed.
  • $10 / 15 GB / mo. for more storage
  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • Configure with Outlook, Windows Live and more.
  • Migration Included*
  • Webmail Access**
  • Administer your own emails***

"Just Email" Plan

$15 /mo. (starting)
  • A professional email for all staff
  • Unlimited emails with
  • Start with 15 GB storage - increase as needed.
  • $10 / 15 GB / mo. for more storage
  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • Use on mobile, Outlook, Windows Live & more.
  • Migration Included*
  • Webmail Access**
  • Administer your own emails***
  • The "Website & Email" plan is included in the website development plan on this page.


This is the transfer of your current email to your new one.  It involves transferring all of the emails and their attachments to your new email plan.  This is useful, for example, if your email is and you want to transfer it to  Migration is not guaranteed as it may not be possible in some circumstances.  Email passwords are generally needed in order to complete the migration.  For more information, please see our privacy policy.


Webmail is a way for users to access their email by simply going to a webpage.  For example, Hotmail is accessed from a webmail portal but you can also access your Hotmail account on your phone and a variety of other ways.  Webmail is extremely convenient and no setup is required to use it.

Administer your own emails***

At least one user in your clinic is given "admin" privileges and can add/remove/modify any of the clinic emails, as needed.  Stuck?  We are still here to help, but this gives you the power to manage your own email without constantly needing to ask for help.

Plans are billed annually. Upgrades are prorated & downgrades are credited.


The bottom line:  If you plan on providing email to all of your clinical staff, then our Professional Email Plan is more practical and economical.  You don't need the massive storage that the other email providers offer.  Your storage can easily be split (as needed) between accounts.  If you need more storage, you can always upgrade (and it will still be much cheaper).

Clinic Roots Google (GSuite)
Storage Starts at 15 GB
(total, for all users combined)
50 GB for 1 user 30 GB for 1 user
Users Unlimited 1 User 1 User
Price $15 / mo. (need more? $10 / 15 GB / mo.) ~$7 / user / mo. ~$10.00 / user / mo.
Billing Period Yearly Yearly Yearly
Clinic Roots claims no responsibility for the accuracy of the above third-party prices. These services regularly change their prices and services.

Healthcare providers are paying WAY too much money for professional email accounts with the wrong "stuff."

Storage costs the most money, out of anything, and you actually don't need much of it!  The idea here is to make the most expensive part of email the most flexible, to help you reduce your costs.

Microsoft 365 and GSuite (among others) offer a TON of storage but charge you per user.  So you may be getting 25 GB of storage per user, but you are paying ~$15 per user for it.  There isn't a single clinic out there that needs that much storage for all of their staff.  

There are only one or two emails in most clinics that require significant storage (and still 25 GB is still too much)!  The reception email is one of them and the clinic owner's email is (occasionally) the other.  Practitioners require barely any storage, and this is where current email plans go wrong for healthcare providers.  Stop paying absurd prices for something you don't need!

Absolutely.  There is a nice little trick where you forward your emails to a pre-existing Google Account.  Then you can set that GMail account to "send as" the forwarding account.  It is kind of like call forwarding... but not quite.

If you're confused, don't worry.  We can chat about it at the start-up.

You can certainly keep using whatever applications you use (ie. excel, docs, sheets... you name it).  In fact, you can set up our email on Microsoft Outlook, which seamlessly integrates with all of the other Microsoft Office applications.  If you use Google applications (like Sheets & Docs), you can still use most Google Apps without even having a Google account.

We can't predict every combination and permutation of software. If you have any specific questions, please ask.

But what do I actually need ?

Storage needs:
A small clinic needs at least one email with a minimum of 5 GB of storage (usually the reception email).
  Many emails are important for legal reasons and most clinics, instead of storing them separately keep them on the email server.  Although it is common practice to keep everything on email, we highly recommend backing up your email.

Do you want all your staff to have an email?
It is common practice for ALL clinic staff to have their own professional email.  If this what you want then we offer a very affordable email service that meets your needs.  How much storage you need depends on how many people work at your clinic and how often you use your emails--we can discuss this at start-up.

How do your staff use the email?
Many clinics (and other businesses) have staff that require very little storage and use their professional email quite intermittently.  Our plan allows you to give storage to those who need it the most!

Ready... or confused?

A simple email or phone conversation can make a big difference.  Please reach out and we'd be glad to try to answer any of your questions.

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