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What is Physio Roots?

Image of Ontario Physiotherapy Clinics

Physio Roots was developed and launched by Clinic Roots in April 2019 and is the most comprehensive portal to physiotherapy services in Canada.  It is a business directory specific to the physiotherapy profession and consists of thousands of clinics along with their skills, services and amenities.  The goal of Physio Roots is to improve access and knowledge of physiotherapy and associated services across Canada and to provide a reliable referral network for healthcare providers.

To understand the magnitude and challenges of developing Physio Roots, you first need to understand how search engine marketing and dynamic website content works.  Physio Roots comprises of thousands of pages that can all be found and indexed by Google, among other search engines.  Every single page needs to be optimized for speed, user experience and search engine readability to ensure Physio Roots is a success.



During the development of Physio Roots, thousands of clinic websites were viewed to ensure they actually exist before providing links to them.  During this process, it was quite obvious that there was a need for better websites!  Many sites lacked adaptability to mobile devices, were slow and had simple mistakes that can result in a reduced conversion rate.

It seems like the natural progression of Clinic Roots is to start developing websites for clinics.  There is not only a demand for better websites, but clinics are paying high prices for very basic websites.  There needs to be a more viable solution for everyone.

Amazing websites for nominal prices.

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