Comprehensive, affordable and everything that you need.

Website Only

Pay a one time fee to develop your website and a yearly subscription to keep your website going.

Website & Email

The same service, but add a professional email service onto it.  Give everyone in your clinic an email!

Custom Plans

Our plans are very flexible to help both very small and very large operations.  All you have to do is ask!

Do you just need a website?


$ 850 starting


$ 250 / year
  • Website Hosting
  • Software Licensing & Updates
  • Content Update Budget
  • Website Monitoring & Maintenance
Subscriptions are not billed until the end of the first year and are required to keep your site serviced, updated and hosted by Clinic Roots.

Do you need email with your website?


$ 950 starting


$ 350 / year (starting)
  • Website & Email Hosting
  • Software Licensing & Updates
  • Content Update Budget
  • Website Monitoring & Maintenance
Subscription prices are subject to change depending on your email plan. The starting plan is sufficient for most clinics.

Is something about the plan not quite right?

What do you mean by starting price ?

The starting price is the lowest possible price for a website and covers most basic small business sites.  Once we get a better understanding of the requirements of your website, you will receive a more comprehensive quote.  Additional pages and images, and custom features / functions may increase the cost of your website.

Common issues

  • Email is more than what my clinic needs.
  • I can't afford the start-up price.
  • I require multiple sites for multiple clinics, is there a discount?  Do I need to pay multiple subscriptions?
  • I don't know if you provide the type of site that I need.

We promise that our plans are as comprehensive yet affordable as we can make them.  However, we can't make one size fit all!  If you have questions, concerns or would like something a bit different, give us a shout!

Additional Services

Here is a list of upgrades and/or services that require additional fees.  If you're wondering more about email, go here.

Professional Email Service
$15 / mo. starting

If you're just looking for email, then this is for you.  Email starts at $15 / mo. and gives you unlimited emails with  Email storage starts at 15 GB and can be increased as needed.  You can read more here.

$15 / mo. starting
Live Website Backup
$150 / year

Website is backed-up on the fly.  This isn't needed unless you have website content that is constantly changing.  The $150 is added to your initial purchase and to your yearly subscription.

$150 / year
Changes to website
Quote only

After being published for a while, sometimes a website requires an overhaul.

Quote only
Additional website pages
Quote only

A total of 8 pages are included in the basic website service.  There are fees for additional pages; however, the fee totally depends on the complexity of the page.

Quote only
Custom website functions
Quote only

Some examples of custom website functions are:

  • User registrations
  • Restricted website content (ie. members only)
  • eCommerce
  • User login/dashboards
Quote only