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Communication is everything.

Learn how we do things.

A website has a ton of moving parts.  We have all of the parts behind the scenes covered.  The part that you see is what we work hard with you to perfect.


  • Register

    Register online using our form.  Examples of websites that you like (and don't like) are always welcome.  You can checkout our examples but a link to any website will help.

  • Start-up meeting

    This is a mandatory meeting to get on the same page, about everything!  Skype or Facebook video chat is preferred, but a simple phone call will work as well.  Communication is vital to our success!

  • Business Information Collection

    You will be given access to a dashboard filled with forms, asking you for details about your website.  This helps us understand what you want.  Colour profiles, business information, images and website content make up some of the questions we ask you about.

  • Drafting Process

    The first draft is created to the best of our ability.  After we publish the first draft, you will be asked to provide us with feedback to help us perfect the design.

  • Final Draft

    Similar to the first draft, but we should have gotten more things right!

  • Go LIVE

    Your website is launched and can now be discovered by search engines like Google!


Website Design
Mobile Friendly Design
Stock Images
PageSpeed Optimization
Search Engine Ready
Website Backup
Website Analytics

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Not included

Domain Name Registration
Paid Marketing
Market Research
Logo Design*

*temporary logos available

Market research is not part of our product but no matter what we always check out your competition.  This helps us design a better website and provide some advice along the way!

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Need more details?

Our FAQ section covers most questions and our services page includes nearly everything that we offer.