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Running a business is challenging enough.  Let us take care of the "online" part.


A custom website packed with features.


Every business needs an email solution.


Updates to your content and website included.


Lightning fast websites.  Top-notch servers.

  • Websites

    Your site is jam packed with the latest software and where the software falls short, we can perform custom coding to achieve perfection!

Your website is made from scratch!  It is great to have some examples of what you would like before we get started though.  Sometimes words are not enough to describe what you want.

All of our websites adapt to mobile devices, this is super important!  In the tech world we call this"responsive web design."  Over 60% of website users will be on their phones.  Your website HAS to adapt to mobile phones to be successful.


Stock images are included in your design.  Clinic Roots has access to plenty of images that should suit most people's needs.  If you require more than what we already have, there may be additional fees.


If you'd like, we can easily integrate your best Google Reviews into the website.  Placing them in the site footer is usually a good idea, but we can put them just about anywhere.  The program we use will display only your top rated Google Reviews and provide a link for customers to read more.

We start out with these standard pages:

  • Home
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Staff
  • Reviews

Additional pages can be created for additional fees, that depend on what you need.  Some pages are really easy, while others can take some time to build.

All of our websites include Google Analytics.  Whether you need it now, or in the future, Google Analytics will be tracking your website traffic.

Showing up on Google is important!  Our sites are structured so that Google, among other search engines, can identify and read your website content with ease.  We use special software to add meta-descriptions to all of your images and pages.

"Rich Snippets" is a data structure used by search engines to understand what kind of business you have, where it is located and its opening hours (among other things).  This is another important feature of having search engine optimized website.

  • Email

    Get email with your website, or on its own.

If you own a domain name (ie. then we can setup your emails with  We highly recommend getting your own domain name (it just looks better).  If you're looking for a place to get one, just ask!

Do you want to give all of your staff an email with  Then this plan is for you.  For $15 / month you can have unlimited emails and up to 15 GB of total storage (upgradable at any time).   For small to medium sized clinics, this is literally all you need.  You can read more about it here.

You will be given an admin account to easily add / delete or change your clinic emails. 

  • Maintenance & Updates

    Updates to website software is done regularly behind the scenes. It is also expected that your staff will change and that you'll want to add content to your website every once and a while.  We do that, too!

No matter what type of website you have, the software that drives the site is constantly being updated for security purposes and to simply make it better.  

Let us do all the upgrading for you! Honestly it can be quite a chore.

If you're comfortable using WordPress, you can update your own content if you want.

Simple updates to website content can be done by Clinic Roots.  We can perform up to 6 content updates per year, with no additional costs.

Here are some examples of content updates:

  • Blog post
  • Adding new services or other content to existing pages.
  • Updating staff profiles

The following are not considered content updates.  

  • Changes to the website design and layout
    • Change colour schemes;
    • Adding or modifying sections, rows, columns;
    • Changing the styling of the site or part of the site;
    • Adding new pages to your website, in addition to the standard 5-page website.

If there is an error on our end, we will fix whatever the problem is without any additional charges.

  • Power

    We don't mess around when it comes to website speed.  Clinic Roots hosts your website on the server we use and we optimize every page on your website for optimal loading times.

Your website will get hosted on the servers that Clinic Roots uses.  This takes away the need for you to pay any additional hosting fees or manage a server.  It really just streamlines the process and makes things really simple for us all.

What is hosting, anyway?

All of the files and the database that make up your website need to be stored and accessed from somewhere.   Think of hosting as all of the hardware that your website is on.

Are there different types of hosting / servers?

Yes and this is another reason we would prefer to use the servers we pay for.  We use a VPS (virtual private server), which is far superior to your standard shared-hosting plan.  With VPS we can have more reliable server response times and faster loading times.

Do you already pay for a server?

Most hosting companies don't provide refunds and will at most, provide an in-house credit.  If you're locked into a hosting contract, Clinic Roots can start out by developing the website on your server and transfer it later.


Speed is crucial!  If your page takes more than 4 seconds to load, you will start losing potential clients.  Clinic Roots uses GZIP compression, CSS and Javascript minification, deferred loading of Javascript, image compression and scaling and tries to keep page sizes to a minimum. 

Did we just get a bit too technical?  Leave the pagespeed optimization to us and we will even prove to you that your website is loading fast.  There are several tools online to test your website speed.

The internet is always changing and software needs to adapt.  We pay for software licences for some of the latest and greatest programs to help run your site.  These programs ensure your site is loading quickly, displaying appropriately and following best practices for website development. 

Not included

The following services are not available through Clinic Roots:

  • Domain name registration (
  • Image Graphic Design (temporary logos available if needed)
  • Photo shoots or photo / image editing or enhancements
  • Market Research
  • Paid Advertisements

Market research is not part of our product but no matter what, we always check out your competition.  This helps us design a better website and provide some advice along the way!


We have a lot to offer.

What is visible on a website is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many things to consider when building a website, including site speed, user experience, search engine optimization, security and backup are at the forefront.

It can get really overwhelming!  If you're confused or have questions, send Clinic Roots a message!

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